Sweet & Salty Gift Box

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The Sweet & Salty box includes our favorite treats from AZ and the Northwest. 

We discovered Alma Chocolates while visiting Portland 2 years ago and introduced their delicious sweets in our gift boxes last year- this year we included the drinking chocolate mix- which is indulgently poured like espresso in their Portland storefronts- and the dark chocolate spoons. 

If you visited us during the holiday season last year we probably offered you a Jacobsen dark chocolate sea salt caramel!  These are delicious and just the right amount of saltiness to balance your cravings! 

You may be familiar with Bitterman's pink himalayan salt blocks and this holiday we are including their Halen Mon Gold Smoked Salt to your gift- flakey crystals with complex oak aromas and a clear flavor, this salt is wonderful on hearty soups, pastas, cheeses, salads, and vanilla bean ice cream. The flake also performs miracles on creme brul̩e, and provides a curious twist to the increasingly popular use of sel gris on chocolates, caramels, and marzipans.

Teaspressa rounds out this gift bringing the local love with her White Peppermint Mocha Sugar Cubes. This embodies the feeling and taste of a winter wonderland featuring the cool, fresh taste of peppermint softened with an ivory, white chocolate.

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