Wax Canvas Dopp Kit Blue

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This version of Lifetime Leather's best-selling Dopp kit is made with waxed canvas and leather accents. Martexin Original Wax Canvas is one of the most authentic American products ever put into production and has boldly fought the test of time since 1838. It has stylishly outfitted workers, explorers, and outdoorsmen for generations. Its secret formula includes food and pharmaceutical grade waxes, giving the fabric great resistance. As this fabric ages, it develops a gorgeous patina, which enhances the look and feel of each item. Lifetime Leather Co.’s Waxed Canvas Dopp Kit is designed with overkill in mind. It has heavy-duty water resistant denier linings, comfortable full grain leather tab handles, and a durable brass zipper. The thread that brings it all together is stronger than the type used on saddles. The Waxed Canvas Dopp Kit is built to last with all American materials and made in America!

  • Men, Father’s Day, Birthday, High School Graduation, College Graduation Christmas, Anniversaries, Weddings, Groomsmen Gifts, Corporate Gifts
  • Lifetime fix or replace warranty if you manage to wear it out
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