Polycarbonate Stemmed Wine Glass

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Strahl® beverageware is made from an incredibly strong product called polycarbonate. Polycarbonate has some unique properties and requires slightly different handling to standard glassware. Follow these simple rules to ensure your Strahl® beverageware remains crystal clear. 

Avoid stacking your Strahl® beverageware (unless you are using the CapellaStack range, which is designed for stacking) whilst carrying or storing it. Polycarbonate products are incredibly tough so will scratch other polycarbonate products if allowed to rub together.

Wash your Strahl® beverageware in the dishwasher or by hand with warm soapy water to remove residues from juice, milk, stout, etc. Washing in a steriliser may result in a build up of residue.

Polycarbonate may be scratched if cleaned with abrasive brushes. Buffing with a microfiber glass polishing cloth will minimize any light scratches or abrasions. 

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