Blue Boy Coffee

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Named for one half of our prized paint-by-number renditions of the classic eighteenth century portraits The Blue Boy and Pinkie, Blue Boy represents who we are at Methodical. This coffee embodies a certain classical energy that the painting itself imparts, with a down to earth, paint-by-number twist. The character of this coffee is smooth, chocolatey, sweet; it’s body is velvety soft. It’s a coffee that will stand the test of time, a testament to the origins present in its makeup. Blue Boy is blended from 70% Guatemala Ixlama and 30% Colombia Narino, two countries for whom coffee is in the fiber of the culture. Blue Boy does right by these origins, displaying the coffees at their best; he does right by us, representing humble sophistication with panache; and he does right by his namesake, keeping his arcadian gentility alive.

Where is it from?

Blue Boy is made of a blend of Guatemala, Ixlama and Colombia, Narino. The Guatemalan component is the culmination of work by over 100 family producers in the Guatemalan municipalities of San Pedro Necta and La Libertad in the department of Huehuetenango, a region known for rugged landscapes and high elevation. The Colombian component is sourced from the farm of Pablo Guerrera in the Narino department of Colombia, on his apple-orchard turned coffee farm nestled high up in the Andean mountain ranges. Together they form a classic blend.

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